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6" Double Perc Sherlock Glass Handpipe

6" Double Perc Sherlock Glass Handpipe

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Ever feel like your bowl hits are just a bit too hot? That's where the science of a bubbler steps in.
The Sherlock pipe design is classically adopted from its namesake, Sherlock Holmes. By adding just, a small amount of water to his classic pipe, you're on track for the smoothest pulls your lungs have ever experienced.
Bubblers work by adding a cooling layer of water filtration to your hot smoke. With just a small amount of water, hot smoke is pulled through a cleansing bath of water which both cools down the temperature of the smoke as well as wash out layers of harsh hydro-carbons. The result is exceptionally smooth pulls, rip after rip. By separating those hot pockets of hot air into smooth, cool bubbles, bubblers provide a full-bodied pull while smoothing the harshness of combustion.
This hand pipe stands at 6" tall and has not one, but two percolators attached. This means that your hits will be much smoother than if it was a regular hand pipe with no percolators. Your friends will love that you introduced them to this gem.


• The bubbler is 6 inches tall
• Made from high quality glass
• Hand blown
• Double percolator
• Built-in Splashguard
• Sherlock design
• Self-contained water chamber

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