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Ancient Groves Tundra

CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (50ml - 50mg)

CBD Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (50ml - 50mg)

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USDA Certified Organic full-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) grown, and processed in the heart of Colorado from our partners at Sawatch Hemp ( The combination of natural micro-nutrients from the hemp, and olive plants foster the ultimate wellness pairing.  

Mono-varietal Manaki oil speaks softly but carries a big stick – gifted with aromas of frost bitten pear, and flavors akin to pink peppercorns. A character so smooth it could take the shirt off a traveling salesman’s back, but sincerely traceable to just a single micro-grove. We present body, bouquet, and character. Undomesticated oil for untamed creators.

One Olive Species.

One Origin Grove.

One Harvest Season.

One Milling Craftsman.

Packaged By One Producer.

Bottled Green. Never Blended.

First Press Cold Mechanical Extraction. 

Origin Grove Over 500 Years Old.

Tree To Cask In Under 12 hours.

Single Grove Traceability.

Small Batch Lifecycle.




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