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Hemper Snowman Mini Water Bubbler

Hemper Snowman Mini Water Bubbler

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Description :

The Hemper Snowman Bong keeps it cool all year long with its magic hat and smoky song! This chill guy makes puff magic all year with a festive design, premium quality materials, and fun features. It’s a snowman made to handle the heat happily. This 14mm female glass bong stands 8” tall and features a fixed 90º joint, base-mounted snowman-topped showerhead perc, colorful highlights, a 3.5” flat base, an angled neck, and a colored flat mouthpiece. A matching clear, hollow herb bowl is included.


• The Height of bubbler is 8"
• The Base size is 3.5"
• 45 degree angled joint
• Multi-slit fission diffuser percolator
• Frosted Snowman shaped glass piece
• Colored hat and scarf accents
• Black glass eyes and orange “carrot” glass accents


• Hemper snowman bong
• 14 mm male flower bowl

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