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Smokey Quartz Raw Point Rods - By Weight

Smokey Quartz Raw Point Rods - By Weight

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This listing is for ONE (1) Smokey Quartz Raw Points - By Weight (RK25) STOCK PHOTOS - These stones will range in characteristics due to them being natural. Sizes on these will range as sizing goes up. Since they are sorted by weight and not by size, some stones may be thinner or thicker, longer or shorter, etc.. Please see hand photos for more size referencing. WEIGHTS AVAILABLE: Under 50g 50-100g 100-200g 200-300g 300-400g 400-500g 500-600g To choose your desired weight, please use the option menu. Perfect stone for your decor, crafts, meditation, or even gifting! Thank you for looking, have a wonderful day!
Made in Brazil
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