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Fiorella Soapery Faire

Hippie Girl Whipped Soap

Hippie Girl Whipped Soap

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Hippie Girl is FINALLY Back! This scent was our #1 scent for the first 2 years of Fiorella Soapery and we are now able to buy this exclusive scent to bring it back to you.  Boho babes this one is for you! Yes...there is patchouli but it's blended with green tea, bergamot, amber, vanilla, jasmine and musk so even if you are not the biggest fan of patchouli you may still fall in love with Hippie Girl.  Our whipped soap makes for a luxurious lather and it is loving packed with coconut oil for added moisture. We recommend using a small amount on a loofah to create fluffy bubbles and a creamy lather. Our whipped soap is so moisturizing we even shave with it!
Made in United States
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