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Large Rose Quartz Skull Head, Natural Crystal Figurine

Large Rose Quartz Skull Head, Natural Crystal Figurine

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This unique and stunning piece of art is inspired by the belief in crystal power. This is a one-of-a-kind large concrete skull, skillfully hand-cast from natural cement and adorned with natural Rose Quartz and clear quartz crystals. This is a realistic skull with an incredible geode on top. Healing properties: Rose Quartz one of the most popular types of Quartz Crystals. It is believed that rose Quartz is used to open energy from your Heart Chakra to your upper and lower Chakras. Connecting your Minds energy to your libido. Rose Quartz is used to help increase sexual pleasure and desire in women. May assist in the emotional healing of the heart and to forgive; and love all that life has to offer. size 3” (w) x 3.5” (H) x 4.7"(D) features • raw rose and clear quartz crystal chips • concrete color - light grey • gold trim handmade
Made in United States of America
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