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Purrfect Birthday Funny 3D Greeting Card

Purrfect Birthday Funny 3D Greeting Card

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This cat needs a diapurr right meow. Our hiss-terical pop up birthday card, Purrfect Day, is a cat lover’s weirdest dream come true. The front cover features a doe-eyed puss marginally interested in celebrating yet another birthday. It reads, “4 out of 5 cats don’t care that it’s your birthday.” The inside of the card continues, “#5 cares too much. Have a purr-fect birthday!” This is where an enthusiastic 3D feline shows love the only way it knows how—by lifting tail and showing off its a**hole. Cat people know. Get a big laugh with this hilariously offensive birthday card. 9 out of 10 agree: It’s better to clean up confetti farts than tug clumpy rubber bands out their back door.
Made in Vietnam
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