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Dirty Pop Up Cards

Trippin’ 3D Drug Card

Trippin’ 3D Drug Card

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They’re gonna light up like psilocybin on Norwegian sheep sh*t when they see this. Why? Because the inside this drug-themed greeting card features everyone’s favorite fungus in three (actual) dimensions. The outside of this 3D card displays several psychedelic shrooms. As the card is opened, the visuals take off like a rocketship. A full and colorful display of pop up magic mushrooms that will send them straight back to their best trip ever. One last thing, don’t let the spore muncher look in the mirror again. Perfect Occasions: Trippy happy birthday cards for boyfriend or girlfriend, drug-themed anniversary cards for husband or wife, hilarious magic mushroom greeting cards for hippy friends, greeting cards for anyone who loves shrooms, hilarious greeting cards for friends who like to hallucinate, and more.
Made in Vietnam
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